Living for His Glory

Living for His glory. That is the motto God put on my heart for homeschooling as well as for life. Everything under the sun, every breath we take, every event that occurs is for one purpose and one purpose only: to bring glory to God. We may never understand it until we get to Heaven and we are in the very presence of the infinite wisdom of God. And at that point, will we even care? We have all these questions that we want to ask God and we can’t wait to find out the answers when we get to Heaven, but really, when we are finally in His presence, I’m guessing all those questions will wash away. None of that will matter anymore. The cares and concerns of the world will be no more. I think to a certain extent, if we truly believe and know that everything is for God’s own glory, then that in itself as an answer to all of our questions is sufficient enough even in this life.

We constantly hear “everything happens for a reason.” We want to know the reason and how it applies to us and our well-being. One thing I’ve learned in my Christian walk is that God is sovereign over everything and the reason for everything is so that God would be glorified. I don’t need to know how it fits into my well-being. I was created for His glory, so His glory is my well-being. In my human nature, yes, I have cares and concerns, but ultimately I know that I was created for His glory and I trust Him with my very life.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” ESV. This doesn’t mean that I will have every worldly thing I desire in life because I think that’s what’s good for me. It means that because I love God and I have been called according to His purpose, all things will work together for my good. What I think is good for me doesn’t dictate His will. His will dictates what is good for me. My sights are set on something out of this world. My thoughts are focused on eternity. And my heart is set on God in Heaven.

Are you living for His glory, wholly surrendered to Him? What does that mean to you?


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