Scripture Doodle Part 2

I know it’s been months since my last post. I hope to start posting more, but our home life keeps me pretty busy and blogging has not been a priority. It is something I truly enjoy, though, so I hope to be able to start blogging more regularly. 

For now I thought I would share some of my more recent scripture doodles. I think I’ve developed my own sort of style for this, and honestly doodling with scripture is something anyone can do. It doesn’t have to look like anything in particular, so don’t feel like you have to follow mine or anyone else’s style. Find your own style and roll with it! The benefits of meditating on God’s word “day and night” like Psalm 1 says makes it worth the time even if you don’t think you’re great at it. 

I’ve also moved on to a couple of other aspects of scripture doodling. I invested in a journaling bible and sometimes doodle in there during my reading. I have also started making chalkboard signs with my own original scripture doodle designs. I hope these will inspire you to get started on your own scripture doodle journey if you haven’t started!



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