2015-2016 School Year: Week 1 & Curriculum Choices

Last week we started our new homeschool year. This is our third year of homeschooling, and I’m excited for the new adventures that await! We have been accumulating all of our new curriculum in the mail over the past few weeks, and every day the girls would tell me how much they couldn’t wait to start. With each new box that arrived, they grew more and more excited for the new school year.

The night before our “first day of homeschool,” I decorated our piano for the occasion and I went out and got what I needed to put together a little goodie basket for their first day. This is a fun little thing I’ve done each year, I guess it’s tradition now!

IMG_4589      IMG_4577

IMG_4595      IMG_4594

IMG_4596      IMG_4592

The girls loved waking up to their goodies. I usually get them simple things to enjoy and a few school supplies. This year it was new water cups, a couple of snacks, notepads, pencils and pens, erasers, and some earbuds for their computer work. It doesn’t take much to make them happy.

IMG_4603      IMG_4601

This year we’ve decided to return to My Father’s World curriculum. We tried something different last year and it made me realize how much we love MFW. We had so much fun with it our first year of homeschooling. I know there are differing views out there, but for me, MFW makes homeschooling such a breeze that some days I felt like we weren’t even doing much schooling. I needed to change my thinking. School SHOULD be fun and it doesn’t always have to feel like work. Looking back over the course of our first year with MFW, the girls learned so much. I look forward to seeing how this year unfolds.

IMG_4608      IMG_4187

Along everything that comes with MFW (Bible, Geography, Science, Music, Art, and Read-Alouds), we’ve chosen the following for Language Arts: All About Spelling, Sequential Spelling, Total Language Plus, and Pentime.

For Math, we are using Teaching Textbooks. It’s only been one full week, but I think we have finally found a winner! We previously used workbooks for math, which got the job done. They were effective, but the girls never looked forward to math because it just wasn’t fun for them. Now, with Teaching Textbooks, they look forward to it and actually will voluntarily do more than their required lessons in one day. Winning! Their math is all done on the computer. The program makes it easy for me to keep up with what they are doing on a daily or weekly basis. Each child has their own login and password to access their lessons, and I have my own Parent login and password to access their grades to see how they’re doing. I can see if they’ve completed the lessons thoroughly and if they’ve gone back to have any incorrect answers explained to them for their better understanding. I can also allow them to redo a lesson or a problem if I feel lit’s necessary.

We also chose to add something extra for our Bible curriculum. Bible is obviously our most important subject, and although we are excited to be studying the book of Mark with ECC this year, we also wanted to add another strong Bible curriculum on top of that. After doing a little research, we chose “God’s Great Covenant” through Classical Academic Press.We will be learning in depth about the first half of the Old Testament.

IMG_4399      IMG_4371

       It probably looks like we’re doing way too much, and prior to beginning our year I was really wondering if I had put too much on our plates. But considering some of these are only done on certain days of the week, and none of the subjects take very long to get through, we are averaging about 4 hours of school per day, which is awesome if you consider how many hours kids spend in public school!

So here we are, embarking on our world travel adventures with MFW, using their curriculum for Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC). Week 1 was just the first of a 2-week introduction to ECC. We will be studying the continents, different countries as well as their cultures, with some focus on missionaries and the importance of praying for other countries that have not been exposed to the gospel. For science we are learning about ecosystems and how all things work together in this huge world that our Father created. One of the things I love the most about MFW is I feel that it does a great job of teaching from a biblical worldview and giving God glory in all things.

Here are just a few pictures of our studies in Week 1. Enjoy!

   IMG_4703 IMG_4667  IMG_4628 IMG_4614     IMG_4615


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